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Established in 2013 O·LEAF, is headed up by a diverse group of organic lifestyle experts. Dedicated to quality, O·LEAF offers only trusted organic and natural products ranging from beauty and skincare to household, food&snack and pet care. Bringing the very best to a wide customer base, the company is focused on allowing the individual to best decide on how to incorporate organic into everyday life.
O·LEAF is proud to represent some of the world’s leading organic suppliers from America, Europe, and Asia.  Customer satisfaction is what brings O·LEAF and our customers closer. We are committed to offering expert advice and know-how about organic and natural products to enhance the shopping experience for all.



Our mission is to redefine the “organic” way of life by connecting superior organic and all natural products with our customers so that healthy living can be accessible and within reach for those that want better health and a higher quality of life. We are an eco-friendly and socially responsible company that is keen on giving back to the earth and our surrounding communities. As one integral part of the organic community, it is our duty to inspire others towards the betterment of not just the individual but the environment as well.



Our customers are made up of organic and health conscious people who are looking for ways to improve current health, beauty, and lifestyle conditions. Therefore, we offer only the best in organic and all natural products that best fit every individual’s needs.
As organic living is not just a fad, we intend to forge long lasting relationships with our customers. We are always dedicated in finding the best brands that will enhance the quality of life, quality of health, and the quality of the environment for many years to come.

We at O·LEAF thank you and welcome our lovely customers. 
We have chosen products to be sold with care, organic products have got the certification to certify with Bio Agricert and USDA, which are among the leading and most request certification in Europe and the USA.  To get the certification from both standards, our products has to pass their criteria from examine the contents, raw materials, production, packing and text material. In Thailand, only few companies manage to meet the strict demands that this certification poses.

In order to carry the Bio Agricert and USDA Organic logo, the products must meet the following criteria:
  • No less than 95% of the plant extracts must be certified organic
  • No less than 95% of the total contents must be natural origin
  • No less than 10% of the product must contain organic ingredients ( water does not count)
Both Organic and Natural personal care products sell at OLEAF, we try to avoid the products with the following harsh-chemical ingredients which in a long term can cause a negative impact to our body and environment: 

OLEAF carries a variery of organic/natural baby care products ranged from personal care, organic fabric, to laundring and cleaning products.  A baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s, and hasn’t yet developed.  Mild and high-quality natural ingredients products are the best choice for your little one. 

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