What is Bioagricert?

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What is Bioagricert?

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    Bioagricert is an independent control and certification body operating internationally (Italy and East Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, Mediterranean Countries) but based in Bologna, Italy. It started its activity with the name of Bioagricoop scrl, a no profit organisation born in 1984 as a cooperative to contribute actively to spread innovations in bio organic agriculture at national and international level. In 2002 Bioagricoop established “Bioagricert” as its own organic guarantee mark for organic certified products and delivered all certification and inspection activities to it.      Bioagricoop was first accredited by the IFOAM Accreditation Programme in 1996 and this accreditation has been transferred to Bioagricert.
Bioagricert is a co-operative company with limited liability that carries out inspection, certification and quality control in organic agriculture. Within Italy Bioagricert has a regional presence in 10 locations but all certification decisions are taken centrally by the main seat located in Bologna.
A four person Board of Directors is democratically elected by the co-operative members and this Board is responsible for the company policy.
     Bioagricert activity is controlled by a Certification Directive Committee (CDC) who oversees the certification process and the decisions taken by Bioagricert. The CDC is composed by representatives of farming associations, organic farmer associations, consumers, scientific community members and the co-operative representative.
     Bioagricert employs over 100 people with a wide range of expertises, 25 of which work at the headquarters in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) which is the hub of its operation world-wide.
One of Bioagricert's recent innovations to smooth the inspection and certification process is its 'Transparent-Check' software, which is available to its operators. This improves procedures and checks both inside the company and for exchange of information with buyers.
Bioagricert services include IFOAM standards and many other European and International standards (GLOBALGAP, NOP-USDA, JAS, BIOSUISSE, AB, CAAQ, BRC, IFS etc.).
     Bioagricert certification activity covers organic crop production, processing and handling and also other no food sectors.

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